(Travel Mysterious Japan)
Israelites Came To Ancient Japan - chapter 1
chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4

Many of the traditional things in Japan seem to be the traces that the Lost Tribes of Israel came to ancient Japan.

DNA shows
Japanese and Jewish Peoples Are Relatives

40% of Japanese DNA shows connection with Jews

Ancient Christians in Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto was built by ancient Eastern Christians.

Travel Mysterious Japan in Search of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel
Other articles.

Japan As a Country of Crypto-Christianity
Japan has been Christian-like since ancient times. Why?

Keikyo (Eastern Christianity) and Japan
Keikyo is an Eastern Christianity which influenced ancient Japan very much.

(From the Bible)
"Creation or Evolution - Which?" (English) Russian Spanish Korean Chinese Polish
The best tract to get an answer concerning Creation/Evolution debate.

"Why?"- Science and Your Life Series No.1
If we begin to look carefully at the natural universe, we will encounter many amazing things.

Second Chance for the Dead - Hades is not Hell  Mediam version
The meaning that Christ went down to Hades (Sheol) after his death on the cross.

Heaven, Hades and Hell: Salvation for the Dead
Hades is not Hell. What did the confusion of the two bring to the Christian faith? Is there postmortem conversion?

Hades is Not Hell
Problems of the U.S.. Apostles' Creed and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

"Second Chance After Death" Controversy
Which do you think is right, affirmationists' thoughts or denialists' ones?

Yeshua in Bible Code
How the name of YeshuatheMessiah is found as a Bible Code in the Hebrew Scriptures. (Yeshuaisthe name of Jesus in Hebrew).

(About History)
The So-Called Nanking Massacre was a Fabrication
The Japanese military in Nanking was humane. The alleged massacre, which was said to have been committed by the Japanese militarydid not take place.

The Pacific War - The USA Mistook the True Enemy
The Pacific War and the Basis of Racial Equality

The Pacific War was not "democracy vs. fascism." The USAmistook
the true enemy. The true enemy of the Americans was not Japan. Japanfought the war for self-defense and to liberate Asian countries. It became the war of making the basis for racial equality.

Chinafs Lie About the Senkaku Islands
Why the Chinese Government tells a lie about the SenkakuIslands of Japan.

Fabricated "Comfort Women"
The alleged Comfort Women, forcibly moved to the Japanese military, was a fabrication.

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