Travel Mysterious Japan
In Search of the Connection between Japan
and the
Ten Lost Tribes of Israel
「おみこし 青葉」の画像検索結果 
Japanese Mikoshi ark and the Israeli ark of the covenant

Tokyo and Israelites
Meiji-jingu, Sumo, Emperors Palace, etc.

Suwa-taisha Shrine and Israelites
The festival at Suwa-taisha Illustrates the Story of Isaac

Ise-jingu Shrine and Israelites (under construction)
Ise-jingu (Ise Grand Shrine) is the Israeli tabernacle in Japan.

Kyoto and Israelites
Kyoto city has many places to see as for the Lost Tribes of Israel

Nagoya, Kobe, Neighboring Areas and Israelites
Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall, Nagoya Castle, Iwasaka Shinmei Shrine, etc.

Israelites Came To Ancient Japan - chapter 1
chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4
Many of the traditional things in Japan seem to be the traces that the Lost Tribes of Israel came to ancient Japan.


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