Arimasa Kubo


Arimasa Kubo is a Japanese Christian pastor, Bible teacher, non-fiction writer on science, culture and history, and the president of Remnant Publishing. He is also director of the Bible and Japan Forum, Movement of Evangelizing All Japan, Kobe Peace Institute and Japan-Israel Friendship Association.

He was born at Itami city in Hyogo, Japan, in 1955, and graduated from the Tokyo Bible Seminary in 1982. He had been the chief writer for a Christian evangelistic magazine Remnant for 22 years, and served as the pastor of a church in Tokyo for 6 years. He is also involved in a wide range of projects to promote understanding of the Bible, and sometimes appears on television as a commentator.

He is author of a number of books, including the book written in English gScience Comes Close to the Bibleh
(ACW Press), and the books written in Japanese gIsraelites Came to Ancient Japan,h gJapan-Israel, A Sealed Ancient History 2 - Buddhism & Eastern Christianity Editionh and gThe World of Scientific Creationism.h

His books have been translated into English, Korean and Chinese, and are widely read. He was also the translator for gNihon-Yudaya, Huin no Kodaishih
(Japan-Israel, A Sealed Ancient History) written by Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, gNihon-shoki to Nihon-go no Yudaya Kigenh (Jewish Origin of Nihon-shoki and Japanese) written by Joseph Eidelberg, and many other books.

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