Bible Code and Jesus

Yeshua in Bible Code

How is the name of JESUS CHRIST found as a Bible Code in the Hebrew Scriptures?
The Concentration Phenomenon of The Bible Codes.
(Yeshua is the name of Jesus in Hebrew).

JESUS CHRIST in the Torah

Numbers 5:15-18:9
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[purple] The sin offering

Around these, there also appear many other related skip codes concerning Christ by the "minimum skip distance" to the whole Torah (5 Books of Moses) as follows:

The "minimum skip" means as follows. For instance, "Nisan 14", which is the date of Yeshua's death, firstly appears in Numbers with the equidistance of every 311 letters when checking the whole Torah. It secondly appears in Deuteronomy with the equidistance of every 401 letters, and thirdly in Leviticus every 581 letters. In this case, the equidistance of 311 letters is the "minimum skip" for Nisan 14 (the old expression is Abib 14).

All of these skip codes concentrate in 17 percent area of the Torah as shown below. It is impossible to think that this concentration happened by chance.

The following skip codes were NOT found anywhere in the Torah.
"Buddha Messiah""Mohammed Messiah""Jesus the false Messiah"

The following words were NOT found in this concentration area by the minimum skip.
"Buddha""Mohammed""false Messiah""not the Messiah""not the truth"

These mean that Yeshua (Jesus) is the true Messiah.

JESUS in Isaiah 53

Isaiah 53:6-12
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[red] One rushing from above, JESUS is my powerful name (shokake me'al YESHUA shmee ohz)
[purple] Messiah (Mashiach)
Refs: [shokake] Isaiah 33:4 (one pouncing), [me'al] Genesis1:7, Isaiah 6:6

Around these, there also appear many other related words concerning Christ by the "minimum skip distance" to the whole Tanakh (all books of the Hebrew Scriptures) as follows:

JESUS CHRIST in Psalm 22

Psalm 22:1-15
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[red] The Temporary Dweller is JESUS CHRIST (Ger YESHUA MASHIACH)
[purple] The ram of His cross (ail tzelahvo)

This skip "45" is the minimum skip distance to the whole Tanakh. Psalm 22 is the most important prophecy of the Messiah's Passion as well as Isaiah 53. It is a pin-point overlap that the minimum skip appears in that prophecy.
The skip "45" is equal to the gematria of "Adam" in Hebrew. This shows that Jesus came as the Second Adam. The First Adam brought sin and death, while the Second Adam brought righteousness and eternal life.

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